March 16, 2007
I Think I Might Be in Trouble
It's a well known fact in my family that I am a COMPLETE and TOTAL sucker for anything with padded feet, a wet nose, and whiskers. That being said, let it be known that I am DEFINITELY in trouble.

"So... you still want a puppy?" My sister asks over the phone line. I can hear what I think is a bit of smirk in her voice.

"K____, we live in an apartment. And I have cats."

"I know, but she's really cute." She pauses, waiting for me to take the bait.

*sigh* Shit. "What kind of dog is she?"

"A cute little Rat Terrier, she came in with a broken leg." She takes a deep breath, going for the gut--she knows that my heart bleeds for the unwanted and unloved. "She's not the kind of dog I'd want and no one around here can take her, but then I remembered you want a puppy."

Doh! But I resist. "K____, I have cats."

"Just saying... anyways, I'll see you later tonight." Click.

Long story short, I haven't be able to stop thinking about the puppy. I've research the Rat Terrier (they're more mild mannered and smarter than a Jack Russell terrier) and I've even poked around I'm not even a small dog kind of person--I like my dogs to be able to fetch a stick of sizable girth and not some measly twig--but something about this breed (maybe their loyalty, or the goofy faces they make, or tenacity , or the extreme need to please) is just getting to me.

Seriously, could YOU resist this cute little face*? Could you?

*This is not a picture of the actual puppy in question, rather it is some adorably cute Rat Terrier I pulled off a google search... but still!
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