March 27, 2007
Thesis Report
Today I will be working hardcore on my thesis. I have forbid myself from watching T.V. (even though The Prestige sits wickedly on top of my T.V., beckoning to me with it's sweet siren song "come watch me...I'm good, I promise." I will resist), and I have turned on the radio (I work better with some sort of sound in the background). I've even cleaned off my desk--which my future brother-in-law made for me for Christmas this year--in the hopes that sitting at it will inspire me to get sh*t done. Probably not, I'll probably end up right back on the couch but at least I'll feel all official for a little bit.

I've also set a page limit that I much reach today: 25. I'm 15 pages into a non-fiction account of my life with my Indian host family (with craftily woven sub-themes of treatment of women and my own burgeoning sense of self). I have two major scenes left to write, which should take me about 10 pages. Which would bring my thesis (minimum page requirement of 100 pages) up to 78. I've mapped out three additional possibly stories, so it's a matter of taking one of those and fleshing it out for at least 15 pages and then it is all revise, revise, revise!

I so can't wait to get this thing done. I'm hoping that in the end, maybe I can publish at least one of my stories in a travel magazine, but we'll see. I think they're more literary and less magazine-y. I do need to get published though because as I was putting together curriculum vitae yesterday (the academic world's version of a fancy resume that includes things like courses taught and items published) I realized how pitiful it was. I totally wouldn't hire me based on it... which is bad, because I want to teach. I love it.

So, off to thesis!

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