March 30, 2007
Am I Crazy?
I think I have great potential to be crazy. And by great, I mean a lot. I already have some weird geeky/nerdy quirks that set me apart from normal people, and now I've realized that I obsess. I obsess, easily and with ever increasing frequency, about the smallest most insignificant things. And I can't let go... the obsession must run its natural course whether that be a day, a week, a month or a year. For example, ever since my sister brought the Rat Terrier home (we didn't keep her ONLY BECAUSE the vet in charge of her care decided she had fallen in love with the pup... so I graciously deferred) I've been obsessed with getting a puppy. I've narrowed it down to Boxers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Now, I'd like to qualify this by saying IF I were to get a puppy, it wouldn't happen until post next big move. So sometime in August. When I've settled... sort of.

ANYWAYS... the last time I felt like this, I ended up with Pretty. So in all likelihood, the chances of me actually getting a puppy are pretty high. Which would make me the a cousin of the Crazy Cat Lady known as Crazy Pet Lady as an addition of a puppy would make two cats (both vocal Siamese), two fish (both happy bubble blowing Betta's) and a puppy of either considerable size or considerable hairiness.

Build me an ark and call me Norah.

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