April 03, 2007
Thesis Blues
Things... and by things I mean thesis... are not going that well. I realized today that I've got four, that's right, four days until I have to have a completed draft to my chair. And then I've got like 4 more to revise the ever loving shit out of it before I have to re-submit it and defend it. And I'm totally blocked. I need a writing enema or laxative or something. It really shouldn't be hard to write like ten more pages. It shouldn't. I'm a professional--or at least a near approximation of one--and I should be able to crank this shit out. But it's really not working for me.


In other news... I won my college basketball pool. By like 380 points. Ha! Take that boys who thought a mere slip of a girl wouldn't know diddly about basketball. Did I fail to mention I grew up in a basketball family? Oops! Sorry!

I'm shelving the puppy search for now. I've decided that if I get one, it'll be post thesis and pre-birthday (which is in May if anyone cares and would like to send me birthday wishes). I've narrowed it down to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Boston Terrier. I'd love to get a boxer, but it's a big dog and I'm probably going to be stuck living in apartments for the next five years or so... so, yeah.

Speaking of... have managed to send out one application to Ithaca College. Am working on one for Savannah College of Art and Design and contemplating sending one to Hawaii. I would so love to move some place warm!

And I think that's random enough for tonight. As promised, word vomit.

Edit to add: Puppy search is back on. I've added French Bulldog to the list of potential "can haves" and Mastiff/Bull Mastiff to the list of "some days". Really, all this is, is a way to waste time and not work on the craptacular thesis. F*cking thesis.

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