May 01, 2007
Best Buy...NOT!
This weekend I decided to treat myself. I figured, I was due with the finishing of the thesis and everything. And I decided I was going to buy me a copy of Firefly. I discovered this show after a series of people recommended it to me. I Netflixed it and was instantly hooked. I believe it took me a week and a half to watch the entire series.

So off to Best Buy I went, found a copy momentarily freaked out over the $40 price tag but reminded myself I deserved it. So I plunked down my cash and walked out a satisfied customer.

Or so I thought.

I went over to Target to get some cleaning supplies and by pure chance decided to check out the DVD selection. And what do I see but a copy of Firefly for $17.84. WTF, man! I, naturally, bought this copy of Firefly, marched back over to Best Buy and returned the $40 copy.

(Smiles contentedly) Am enjoying Firefly goodness right this very second...

posted by Tina at 7:29 PM
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