May 21, 2007
The Status of Things Today
Am currently attempting to get a second, part-time, summer job. Am hoping that Borders will call me back this week... at least that way I'd get a discount in regards to my habit (aka buying books). Speaking of...

Currently am reading Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey, which is pretty good thus far. I'll be reviewing it more fully on The Hathor Leagacy when I finish it. It's an epic of sorts along the lines of George R.R. Martin or Tolkien (though to a much lesser degree than the venerated J.R.R.). The world building contained between the covers of this book is quite extensive and is based, in part, on Jewish mythology and feudal society Europe. The main character is a courtesan who has a special "gift"--pleasure and pain are entwined, which is embodied by the sadomasochism she participates in. Highly recommended read.

Have decided that turning 28, having no full-time job security, and being single--while infinitely frightening--is o.k. Recently tried explaining this to one of my not-so-single friends and they responded with a look that was equal parts pity and horror. To her, and others, I would say: Seriously, it's o.k. The world will not end because a single person ranges free on these continental United States.

Am approximately 3,200 words into my story. Have made one major and some minor modifications and am interested to see how they play out. Am also working on a short story about a graffiti artist. It isn't going as well, but I will continue to plug away at it.

This is scattered. Am having a scattered day.

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