June 15, 2007
Thoughts on Women's Health Care
I just finished this article in Self magazine about the state of women's health care, specifically women's reproductive health care. By and large, the article is pretty fairly written as it examines both sides of the issue before making a pronouncement. Nonetheless it was disturbing to read this article and realize how limited women's options are vs. men and how NOT on the side of women our state level governments are. It saddens and angers me to think that potentially if I were raped, not only would I be denied the morning after pill but I could also be judged and degraded based on someone else's actions. No doctor, or human being for that matter, has the right to judge my level of smartness, capability or what have you based on a violent act perpetrated by someone else. Nor, for that matter, do they have the right to deny me care of any kind based on their personal beliefs. I think it is highly irresponsible of our state governments to create legislature that has gigantic loop holes that work against the very people governments are supposed to protect. At the end of the day, doctors provide a service. If they can't stomach what that service entails, then the decent human thing to do is to make sure that I, the patient am aware that there are options available to me. Doctors should not be allowed to make a decision for my health just because the state "says they can."

Bet your bottom dollar that if a man had an issue with his reproductive organs, he's sure as hell get the help needed. Or, conversely, if he wanted to make sure no more of his little swimmers jumped ship, no doctor would tell him he couldn't.

Any way, blogged more extensively about the article/this topic over on The Hathor Legacy.
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