July 13, 2007
Wanted: One Chill Roomie. Must Like Cats and Plants
When I moved to Boston some 6 years ago now, I did so because I had recently graduated from college, did not relish my hometown job prospects, and my parents were quickly driving my insane. I needed to get the heck out of Dodge and fast. So when a good friend from college called and said that she was lonely and that there was a free room available in her apartment, I couldn't pack the Pontiac fast enough.

My first year of roomie experiences lead to a beautiful relationship (purely platonic) with another one of the roomies. We lived together in relative harmony for four years and then she bought a condo. I was devastated and heartbroken. I nursed my wounds in a roomy studio apartment, during which time I acquired the second of my two cats. One day I found myself talking out loud to my furry felines and realized that a future as a crazy cat lady scared the bejezzus out of me.

After many tearful calls, I managed to swindle, er... I mean convince my baby sister into moving to Boston with me. She stipulated that this arrangement would only be for a year until her future hubby got back from Afghanistan. I said that was fine cause, Lord willing, I wouldn't be living in this cesspool of a city beyond one more year if I could help.

Well, a years almost up and it appears I couldn't help it. Though I'd love to pull up roots and move to my (never seen yet) beloved Savannah, GA, I just can't bring myself to do it. The strong desire of my waning youth is for stability. Here, in craptacular Boston (which may or may not be getting a casino--even less incentive for me to stay here) I have a job, but the expensive of living in this city is astronomical. I would love nothing more than to move home for a year, live with the Mom's pay for food and maybe chip in on some other bills, and save money for a house. But no job there. And I don't want to not teach next year as I feel if I lose momentum now, its just too large a horse to try to crawl back up on.

So that brings me to the current dilemma: finding an apartment and a roomie. So if you know of anyone who is chill, laid back, doesn't party too hard, doesn't do drugs, is reliable, and won't skitter away to their bedroom and hide from me, and is willing to tolerate 2 cats and a gaggle of plants, please do pass along my info.
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