July 23, 2007
Potter-ed Out
So I read the book. I estimate my accumulated number of reading hours to be approximately 7.5. My thoughts (and no spoilers here folks) is that the book was exactly what I expected it to be with very few surprises. In a sense, it completed the story, wrapped up any loose endings, but had a few incredibly smarmy moments that I could've done without. I also thought that there was a stretch in the middle there where I wasn't so sure if JK had a plan or not in regards to where the story was going. The characters spent a lot of time just moving from place to place with little action or relevant plot development that hadn't already occurred. I felt like saying, "We get it, JK, Hermione and Ron are madly in love in that awkward teenager way and Harry has a Mission to complete with little to no plan. We get IT." And, I thought that JK was a leeeetle too expository at the end--a little too tell-y and not enough show-y. All Blah blah blah, lets explain what juts happened and re-explain what's been happening for the past six books before we conclude this story. As both a writer and a student of writing, I shuddered a little bit and found that nasty little voice in my head going "Show DON'T tell!" Over all though, a satisfactory ending, cause at least she had one.

'Nuf said. Now... back to our regularly scheduled reading....
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