October 02, 2007
Caught in the Black Hole of Time Suckage...
Egads (yeah, I said it people)! Where the heck did my September go?

Nothing huge to report around here... The Job is interesting. I hestiate to say more because the walls literally have ears in this place. Suffice to say that I am far to opinionated and far too outspoken for The Job to handle on occasion. Though, I must say I've become the designated big mouth, which means that I say whatever everyone else is thinking but doesn't want to say outloud. Which is fine... someone's got to do it.


Other news... I've moved home, and let me tell you, being in your late 20's and living with one's mom isn't the best of situations. But I wouldn't change it. It's exactly where I'm needed right now and its good to be needed. Now my wallet, on the ohter hand, I wish it wasn't so needed. But the simple truth is that sometimes families have to bond together to save things that are important to them, even if they're materialistic in nature.

Enough for now... I be off droppin' the knowledge.
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