October 18, 2007
Things That I'm Really Tired Of

Thirteen Things I'm Really Tired Of
  1. Being in New York. The state, not the city. Though, I'm not convinced I'd like the city either. I don't think I'm a city or a cold weather girl. And I miss surfing. Which has nothing to do with NY other than you really can't do it in NY. Unless you're down on Long Island but I digress.

  2. Having no friends in my immediate vicinity. Seriously, no friends. I'm starting to feel both desperate and helpless, two feelings I abhor with the passion of a fiery thousand suns.

  3. The soul sucking capability of my job. I want teaching to be all shiny and new again. I want to go back to before I realized how little I was getting paid for how much they ask me to do. I want to go back to the pure exhilarating terror that send that rush of adrenaline from my head to my toes. I want the creativity of creating my own class back.

  4. The following words/phrases: Nothing, Forget about it, Never Mind. These words/phrases are designed to make a person wonder, worry, and obsess about "it." A person can't "never mind" because now, whatever "it" is, is on our minds ALL THE TIME. Which makes us worry. Just freakin' say "it" people!

  5. Making it 28 years without allergies... and all of the sudden being hit hardcore.

  6. Not being published. Scratch that. Not having time to work on sh*t to get published. I've got ideas, people. I got ideas coming out of... yeah. Just no freakin' time to work on them!

  7. Dog hair on my pillow. I suspect the puppyhead is sneaking naps on my bed when I am no looking. Damn dog.

  8. Dead Greek Philosophers. See #3.

  9. Cooking dinner...and then waiting an hour to eat it. If you're going to be late, just call.

  10. The realization that I am probably going to have to get another job or work on getting certified as a secondary school teacher if I want to keep teaching. There isn't any money in adjuncting and I'm getting too old (and too far indebted) to not have a good paying job.

  11. Realizing that the job, my perfect dream job, all bright and shiny, is a unicorn. It doesn't exist. Or at least not for me cause I'm not published and I'm not "schooled" enough. (See #3, #6, and #10).

  12. My Glasses. They're awful--the wrong color, the wrong shape, too wide for my head and thus always slipping off my nose or requiring a helpful, but nerdy, push back up into place. But... I can't justify buying a new pair when I have debt I've got to work off.

  13. Tripping on the cuff of these super fabulous pants I bought (they make me look both tall and skinny) and bouncing off the floor or the stairs. True story... caught the heel of my super fabulous heels in my super fabulous pants AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS and bounced merrily on down. I did manage to "tuck and roll" so I didn't smack my head off any stairs. However, right knee, hip, and shoulder and bruised and stiff. Worse yet... I fell IN FRONT OF PEOPLE who nearly prevailed in their efforts to make me lay prone on the ground while they called 911. I'm fine people... my ego is bruised and I'd just like to go lock myself in my office so I can cry... but I'm FINE!

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