January 02, 2008
New Year...
So it's two days into 2008 and I finally have come up with my resolutions list. I wanted to take this year real serious like so I came up with the following list:
  1. Read more. I kinda of fell off the reading wagon post MFA/during new teaching job and I have suffered for it. So, with the help of the bazillion Border's cards I received for Christmas (that most joyous of materialistic holidays) I vow to read "for fun" at least one book a month. Starting yesterday.
  2. Accumulate at least three rejection letters. Now, some of you may be going "Wha...???" but hear me out. I was going to put "write more of my own creative pieces" on this list but figured why stop there? Why not push myself to not only write, but send something out? Even if it means getting rejected. I've been scared of rejection (who isn't?) and have decided this is the year that I stop being a big baby, get over it, and get out there!
  3. Pay more attention to my blog. This includes: writing at least every other day, EVEN IF I feel I don't have anything important to say and updating the look as it is severely outdated.
  4. Get a new job. Thing is, I love teaching. Love it, love it, love it! However, I hate the institution I'm at and I refuse to be unhappy. So I'm looking in the following areas: California (near the North Shore/surfing), New Orleans (I think the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic city could be, and god forgive me the frivolous sound of this phrase, life changing), Savannah (I've loved this city since I read Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil), or some place along Cape Hatteras in North Carolina (again, good surfing). I've already told myself that I've got three years of teaching Freshman Comp (I'm two years in) and then I need to decide if I want to get a PhD. so that I can continue at the college level or look into getting certification to teach at the high school level.
  5. And last but not least, become better at surfing. I will learn how to pop up on the board and I will catch at least 5 waves. As God as my witness...

So there you have it. My New Years Resolution list.

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