March 05, 2008
It's a Zoo in Here!
A couple months ago I added two new critters to my ever expanding menagerie... I'm pleased to introduce Harriet (she's the masked one) and Sinead (she's the one with the five o'clock shadow on her body):

Yes... yes... they're rats. And no, there is nothing wrong with Sinead--she's hairless as all get out. Which makes her really cute in my eyes (whatever, I'm odd. I accept this fact so should you). They're pretty smart, even if they're still babies (only 4 months old and all). They're not disease ridden--they're actually really clean (as long as the human remembers to clean out the poo every three days) and really affectionate. Sinead is a kisser--she'll lick the back of my neck when she's ridding around on my shoulder--and Harriet chitters when you scratch the back of her neck.

The cats are a little too interested sometimes and wail something fierce when I lock them out of my room so the girls can have play time but other than that, they don't attack or anything.

So this brings the menagerie grand total to (drum roll please): 2 cats (Tai and Pretty), 2 Fish (Feesh and... other Feesh), 2 rats.

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