February 03, 2008
Know What Today Is?
Today is the day that your New England Patriots knock the snot out of Eli Manning's New York Giants.

I acknowledge that I am from NY, blah blah whatever. But I LOVE my Pats! And not just because of Tom Brady--even if he is easy on the eye sockets. Oh no, I love them because they remind me of everything good about Boston.

Sidebar: I want to know when Tom Brady became a "bad boy." Because by all accounts, he's a pretty decent guy with a can-do work ethic. Is this just a NY news thing? Is it the Bridget Moynahan thing? Is it an Eli Manning is a dope thing? Don't be a hater just cause my QB is prettier than yours.

So, as "bad boy" Tom Brady and the Pats beat the pants off Eli Manning and his NY Giants, I'll be sitting back, enjoying a cold Amstel and laughing my ass off in my appropriately red, white and blue outfit.
posted by Tina at 1:31 PM
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