April 15, 2008
Random Blogging Babble...
So... I'm still debating if I want to switch my platform and update the look of my blog. I feel like I need to do something more POW! BOOM! BANG! with it and am just tapped out in terms of fresh ideas. I feel like this blog has gotten away from the fun and sometimes funny slice of life chatter that it may have once been. Its starting to feel both old and juvenile at the same time. And I'm not sure how to fix that. I suppose if I started to post regularily...?

In other blog related news, I'm exploring other platforms from which to launch. I'm not sure if Blogger is cutting it anymore. Though, truthfully, I haven't looked at the new Blogger... does that make me behind the 8-ball?

I need to learn better HTML and get a better computer with fancier programs. (sigh)

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posted by Tina at 12:45 AM
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